Past Productions

Comedy Double Bill – 20th to 24th February, 2018

A Family Affair by Christopher Owen.The comedy is set in Dilys and Brian’s dining room in their house in a small town. They and Dilys’ sister Miriam are having Sunday lunch. Dilys and Miriam are sisters who have always been jealous of each other especially where men are concerned. Brian, Dilys’ husband, is caught in […]

Natural Causes – A Dark Comedy by Eric Chappell (10th – 14th October)

Vincent is a professional suicide merchant. He has been summoned by Walter Bryce and mistakenly assumes that his potion is for Walter’s consumption. Eventually it becomes clear that Walter’s wife Celia is the client or is she? Why are her suicide letters typed and unsigned? Several attempts to do away with various characters result in […]

Run for your Wife by Ray Cooney August 1st – 5th (7.30pm)

John Smith may seem like an ordinary taxi driver, but he has been keeping a big secret.  He has a loving wife named Mary in a flat in Wimbledon, and he has ANOTHER loving wife named Barbara who lives in a different flat only four minutes away in Streatham. When he heroically attempts to save […]

Lend Me A Tenor June 13th – 17th 2017 (7.30pm)

It’s a very important night for Henry Saunders — General Manager of the Grand Opera Company, Tito Mirelli, the world-famous Italian tenor, is set to perform the starring role in Otello. Henry Saunders is beyond stressed about everything turning out right, and insists that his assistant, Max — a nervous, young fellow and secret tenor […]

Relatively Speaking – A Comedy by Alan Ayckbourn (21st – 25th February 2017)

Relatively Speaking is one of Alan Ayckbourn’s finest comedies.  A series of mistaken identities and misunderstandings lead to an evening of pure enjoyment for the audience.  Ginny goes to the house of her older lover, Phillip, in order to end the relationship and retrieve some compromising letters.  Matters are complicated when her boyfriend, Greg, turns […]

Summer End by Eric Chappell – 18th – 22nd October 2016

A Comedy Drama. Directed by Richard Wilkinson. Emily Baines & May Brewer share a room in a retirement home. Emily’s roommate, Bella died not long ago. Was she murdered? Bella’s sapphire ring disappears and turns up again. Emily cannot remember enough about her past to stop the finger of suspicion pointing at her.

Nobody’s Perfect by Simon Williams

July 26th – 30th 2016. Nobody’s Perfect by Simon Williams.  A Romantic Comedy.  Directed by Phil Smith.  Love Is All Round’ is a feminist publishing house where Harriet Copeland is running a competition to find new romantic fiction; their motto is ‘For Women By Women’. To avoid this gender bias, Leonard Loftus is forced to […]

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